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Has anyone else had this issue?

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Something that might help. It allows you to see the contents of your iPod. Setbacks: music names are all codes like UDFJ. Other problems you might face is that you may not play the songs on your computer because of Digital Rights Management. If you have you Apple ID and password, you may allow your computer to play those. My problem is almost the same except my iPod is windows formatted, and I have a Mac book.

My device isn't appearing in Sharepod even though it's plugged in.

I want to transfer my music from the windows onto my mac, and I don't know how. I don't want my music deleted, but I want my music. How do I transfer my music on Windows onto a Mac???? This might help someone, so here's exactly what I had to do: I got my brother's old iPod Classic, which was Mac formatted with just over songs. Macdrive read it flawlessly, except that I had to keep iTunes from coming up - if it did, Macdrive "lost" sight of the iPod.

Then I had a final problem because he'd bought some of the music from the iTunes store.

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The solution there was that he'd only used 2 of the 5 computer limit that Apple imposes. Thanks much for the Macdrive tip - that opened the door.

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Now that iPod largely depends on iTunes to manage files, what can you do if your iPod won't connect to iTunes? We have summarized 3 solutions for such a problem, just get your iPod ready and let's begin. Frankly, iTunes is a bit complicated to operate accompanying well-known problems like time-consuming sync, limit in supported format, automatical erasing the original songs, etc. Considering such weaknesses, why not try an iTunes alternative? Sometimes, "iTunes doesn't recognize iPod" doesn't equal to iTunes' fault.

iPod in mac format, want to retreive files , only have PC

Maybe you have ignored some important factors when connecting iPod to iTunes. Follow this strict but easy checklist to comfirm the reason for iTunes doesn't detect iPod. Update your iPod and iTunes to the latest version. Connect your iPod to other computers to make sure it works. Disconnect iPod and then connect it to computer again. Restart the computer and iPhone. Check for software update on computer.

Every time you plug your iPod into your computer, Windows tries to recognize the USB device and either assign it as a drive in Windows or launch the appropriate software -- usually iTunes. Sometimes these issues are software based and other times it comes down to hardware. The first time you plug your iPod into a computer, Windows installs device driver software and configures the operating system to communicate with the iPod.

Download and install the most recent version of iTunes prior to connecting the iPod to your office computer for the first time. Older versions of Windows, like Windows XP, may not have drivers built in for newer models of iPods, so installing iTunes guarantees compatibility.