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I have a user who is on a mac. They access files on a Windows File Server.

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They have been working a folder and all of a sudden the folder is now a Unix file. File association has changed. Right click, get info, check if there is an application associated to the folder? Even if a folder is set to "executable" it should still be possible to open it from either the CLI or GUI unless OS X cannot identify it as such anymore disk corruption maybe? Check permissions and see if that resolves the issue.

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If not, run a disk repair one or more times until there are no more errors. OS X and now macOS applications are really just folders with ". Perhaps somebody renamed the folder? You see, what had happened was Its a new feature! In all seriousness though, is there a. That could cause OS X to see it as a file instead of a folder and thus result in a screwed up file association. Same problem with a music file. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

What is a Unix Executable File?

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Thank you. From time to time when I recieve files from clients, my mac calls them a kind of file called a Unix Executable File. I sound "incapable" when I go back to a client and asked them what format the file is in.

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I included a pic of my latest problem. I received a Quark file from a client and the Quark file as well as the packaged fonts and some photos are coming back as Unix Executable Files I didn't have quarkxpress so I had to go back to my client and ask what type of file it was I hate doing that.

Whats going on? ElDiabloConCaca U. What's happening is that Mac OS X can't read the file's resource fork and, since there's no extension on those files either, it can't even "guess" , and therefore doesn't know what the file is. One of two things happened: 1 The files originated from a Windows machine or some non-Apple operating system and no extension was put on the file. There's not much you can do to get around the problem without teaching the clients new tricks.

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They should use a compression. How did these files specifically come to you?

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How were they transferred? Had they been compressed? If you can describe in detail the route they took from hard drive to hard drive, CD to CD, network to network, we may be able to pinpoint where, exactly, the resource fork info was lost and find a workaround.

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Problem is more or less obvious: Unix programs are 1.