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But you and Apple should be reminded how this is not for the. I am angry and disappointed that you are disregarding so many Creative Professionals that look forward to. Adobe upgrades that can help their bottom line. Instead you have left me and others out of the loop. What video card issue are you referring to?

I'm not familiar with any issue with a Mac that recent that can't run Snow Leopard. He probably has some unusual video card, not a stock one, that does not have a Leopard compatible driver. That would hardly be Adobe's fault. If he wants to vent, let him vent to Apple I don't really want to get into a argument, particularly off-topic, but Apple supports about as much backward compatibility as Adobe. Snow Leo is Intel only just like CS5.

So be fair. This guy with a off-beat video card on his Mac Pro knew he was going to work out of the box.

The original poster with the Power Mac G5 is deluding himself with a 5 year computer still being relevant. The problem is that Adobe can't support something that Apple won't. Look on the Windows side. CS5 will run on XP which is more than 8 years old. I don't recommend it since Win 7 blows XP out of the water, but the capability is there as long as the machine meets the hardware requirements.

Adobe is stuck developing under the guidelines set by Apple. Apple gives no thought to keeping things backward compatible. Why you insist this on Adobe, is still a mystery to me. You said it best yourself. Apple is oblivious to their customers to the extent that they build operating systems with little to no backward compatibility. Adobe, like all other developers has limited resources. Developing for a dead operating system and a dead hardware architecture is a waste of those resources. As for the hardware I was referring to those with PPC machines.

But let's try to look at the facts here. The fact is that you're about the only one upset here.

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Do you really think Adobe makes these decisions in a vacuum? You can bet that they have a very good idea of who's using what and the decision to drop Tiger support was made knowing that Tiger users made up a very, very small number of users.

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It's also likely that anyone running Tiger is not really a cutting edge user who is going to run out and buy CS5. There's nothing wrong with your machine. It's the video card that's a problem and you wouldn't be the first person to have to replace one, even if it did cost more than most. Contrary to your claim, That's just how it is in the Mac world. Finally, I have a late MacBook and two and half year old home built desktop. I'm not made of money and I certainly understand why you don't want buy a new video card, but these are the facts of life in this business.

There was a revision 2 card that came out I think around April of that didn't have the problems of the first generation and did work fine with Leopard. I think there was a problem with the fan on the first gen.

Is there a way to install 10.6 on PPC G5?

Like I said, I get it, but nothing is the same as it was. Apple is more like Microsoft than Microsoft is.

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I'm also a realist. There's no way you're going to get that software to run on that machine the way it's currently configured. You're wasting energy even worrying about it. Look at this thread. Do you see anyone joining in? Now do a search for threads for people with complaints about Snow Leopard or Leopard incompatibilities. Those threads are pile on time. If your hardware had no XP drivers you had to upgrade or be left behind. Adobe has survived quite nicely because they know their market. And Tiger users, for better or worse, are not the target.

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I've also yet to see any large scale revolt because of the dropping of PPC support. If you're in the U.

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They have great prices on computer parts and you might just find a video card within your budget. The discussions online seem to state that it will in fact work there in the MacPro 1,1 first gen models. There will be a compromise in performance lacking PCI 2. The power cables are a bit hidden by the fans. Read these comments.

PowerPC Kernel for Snow Leopard - OSx86 (Snow Leopard) - InsanelyMac Forum

Since you directly addressed me and Adobe, some thoughts I fully understand your disappointment in Adobe's not supporting the version of MacOS you have on your system with the CS5 software. For what I was using that Mac for, there was nothing new or compelling in And I'm not the only one within Adobe who has this problem. Then why aren't we supporting older MacOS versions? Ideally we would but there are practical considerations that prevent that, whether you or I like those considerations or not. We cannot simply assume that they will work.

If we didn't put an OS limitation on the product and didn't do due dilligence in testing in the older OS environments and there were problems, would you be satisfied? I doubt it and wouldn't blame you for being even more upset with Adobe. The cost of fulling testing on an older OS version used by a very small minority of our target market is no less than the cost of testing under the most current OS release. Traditionally and historically, the supreme requirement of OS developers is to maintain upwards application compatibility.

New OS features should not break old ones. For the most part, Windows has been fairly successful in this arena with relatively few problems, most of which had to do with closing what ended up being unintended security holes. Only now in bit Windows versions are ancient bit applications finally obsolete. This is not the case with MacOS X. With each of the new "dot releases" the things with the cat names , some existing APIs Application Program Interfaces are either deprecated made obsolete or broken and actually replaced with different APIs.

Forgetting the cost of reprogramming to meet the new API specifications which is quite considerable for large programs such the CS5 applications , the cost of accommodating programming and testing for multiple generations of APIs and taking different software code paths based on OS versions is staggering, adding tremendously to the program complexity and even possibly resulting in certain program features not being available depending upon the OS version.

Bottom line is that given how Apple develops, tests, and releases OS versions, Adobe needs to make prudent decisions as to what OS versions it can reasonably simultaneously support while maintaining some reasonable level of software functionality, performance, and quality. Having read the full thread of the responses here, it would appear that the blocker to allowing you to upgrade the OS to a more current version that is supported by CS5 is associated with upward OS software compatibility and how it affects a video card's driver.

Unfortunately, I suspect that the video card's manufacturer also got stung with OS upward compatibility issues and had to make decisions in terms of what to continue developing and supporting. This certainly isn't great news for you and it does mean that one way or another you will need to upgrade more than one component to move forward, but I did want to address your question in as straightforward and honest a manner as I could.

Booting Haha I love those steps Do stuff 2. See what happens 3. Reboot 4. In all seriousness though, good luck with your project. Hope you can get something out of it. Posted January 13, Posted June 18, Did you get anywhere with this yet? Quite excited about it! He's probably deep in the process of repeating steps 6 and 7 a million times. Posted June 19, I'd love to see if he's still working on it! Oh, yeah!

I'm also quite curious. All the luck for him! Our G5's could be restored to their former glory! Posted August 11, In the mean time I'm writing Siri for the Mac. Posted January 26, Posted May 18, Posted January Posted July 24 edited. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account.

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