Why is it invisible?

The icon format supports the following sizes: If your ICNS file isn't opening properly with these programs, you might look at the file's extension again to confirm that you're not misreading it. Some files may look like ICNS files but they're really just using a similarly named file extension. If none of these suggestions above are helping you open your ICNS file, it's possible that a different file format utilizes this same extension, in which case you'll need to do some digging into that specific ICNS file to see what to do next. Considering that this is an image format, and several programs support opening it, it's possible you'll find that one program on your computer is configured by default to open ICNS files but you'd prefer a different one do the job.

Customise any Mac folder, file or hard drive icon

If you're using Windows, and you'd like to change which program opens the ICNS format by default, see our article on how to change file associations in Windows for instructions. Regardless of the operating system , you're on, you can also convert an ICNS file with an online image converter like CoolUtils. Changing a volume's icon creates a hidden. Why is it invisible?

It's invisible in Finder, because its hidden attribute is set. Where is its data? ResourceFork You can copy the resource fork to a file to view e.

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How to create a rsrc icon file otherwise. Apple actually do this hiding of their data in a resource fork quite frequently. I can never decide if it's neat or misleading. It's consistent.

Icons after all are resource fork contents. You miss the wood for a single tree, grasshopper. Look beyond a volume icon file to the great forest of cases where, traditionally in MacOS at least, icons are to be found in resource forks.

My amazing psychic powers tell me that all of these printf s go to the system log. NReilingh NReilingh 5, 2 20 This is not the same as. Yes Terminal Location: Run ls -lah on that directory You should see: JayRizzo JayRizzo 3. And no, they're not useful when accessed from Windows, via minGW's bash.

What is it?

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