Top 5 Best Free DVD Decrypters For Windows and Mac

This software was in beta for years, and only recently saw its version 1.

Rip Copy-Protected DVDs with Free Software for Windows 10, Mac OS X or Linux

Homebrew is a command-line app installation system. In short, when you install Homebrew, you can then easily install other command-line executables on your Mac. You may never need to do this again, but if you want to use Handbrake to rip discs, then this is the easiest method. Make sure this entire command is on one line; the space between the first part and the second part is a space, not a line break:.

Press Return and follow the instructions.

Is there any free plugin or app to remove dvd copy protection on Windows or Mac?

Homebrew software will be downloaded and installed. When this has completed, paste this command into Terminal and press Return. This tells Homebrew to install the libdvdcss file:. Insert a DVD in your optical drive. Launch Handbrake, select the DVD, then wait a few seconds while the app reads the disc. The longest one is generally the movie itself; select it in the Title menu, then click Add to Queue.

If you want to rip any other items, select them, one at a time, and click Add to Queue for each one. This is where you choose the quality of your final file. Check the General section; as you can see, there are four groups of presets: Handbrake showing a DVD it has read.

I selected the main title the movie from the Title menu and clicked Add to Queue. You can see the presets drawer at the right of the window.

Using a Third Party Application instead of the Terminal

If your DVD has surround sound, and you have a surround sound playback system, you definitely want one of the presets that offers this audio. HQ is much faster than Super HQ, for example.

Or you might want to rip both the surround and stereo mixes just in case. Read more about subtitles in this article.

Any free plugin or app to remove dvd copy protection on Windows or Mac

DVDs come in two common formats: DVD-5 4. DVD Shrink does a good job handling many protection schemes, but hasn't been updated to remove some of the newest schemes. In addition to being current on protection schemes, it boasts a large array of options for stripping and repacking your DVDs once the copy protection is removed. You can rip the entire disc, rip only the main movie, or split it into pieces—among other options.

Handbrake is a DVD-ripping tool with a strong emphasis on not just ripping media but recoding it for playback on computers, portable devices, and other non-disc based systems.

Rip and save your movie library

You can tweak settings like video frame rate and audio codec playback to your heart's content with Handbrake, and even batch encode all your media at one time to make filling up your iPod or other device relatively painless. The one major shortcoming of Handbrake is that it doesn't have any copy protection removal tools built in, which means you may occasionally need to use a 3rd-party stripping tool to prepare your DVD for conversion.

In addition to stripping protections from the disc, it also has the ability to control DVD playback speed so that DVDs played on media center computers will play slower and quieter, and it allows you to remove things like forced subtitles, warning screens, and disc material you don't want.

Although DVD Decrypter hasn't been updated since , it still works on a significant number of DVDs and has a strong following resulting from both its original user base and new users who find it cuts through the copy protection on their current DVDs protected with CSS, Macrovision content protection, region codes, and other hindrances.

Use Handbrake

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