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Oct 8, 5: I couldn't get Android File Transfer to work, although it used to. Possibly an Android upgrade has broken it. However you should be able to get access to the device using Wi-Fi File Transfer:. This, once enabled on the device, will give you a URL to open in a browser window, from where you can access the contents. This free version has a maximum file size of 5MB but the paid version isn't expensive.

How to Connect any android smartphone to macbook...

Start with the free version to check it works. It's not the same as being able to actually mount the device as an external disk, but I don't think you're going to be able to do that. Can you connect to the Android Phone using Bluetooth? Provided that you are connected to the phone via Bluetooth from the Mac, and that you have enabled the Bluetooth menu bar icon on the Mac, then you can select Browse Items on Device Page content loaded.

Thanks Roger for a prompt and cogent reply. Your fix did permit me to retrieve some of the photos on the phone the ones taken with its camera but not others the ones received via Whatsapp. It is not a very elegant solution as it demands I type in a character string. I am still trying to connect with the phone itself via bluetooth or USB and I still believe there will be a way. I can't access the phone's USB connection settings if there are any or "notification panel" if it has one which nearly all other fixes require.

I will keep trying as my job demands I use the photos I receive. I am grateful for your assistance. Thank you VikingOSX. I just tried this route again. Oct 8, 7: The thing is, it's not only a matter of connecting: Why Android File Transfer isn't working is uncertain - it's some time since I used it since I find WiFi File Transfer easier particularly as though my older tablet can connect physically, the newer one uses a type of connector I don't have a lead for, only a charger.

See whether this page helps: Oct 8, 8: Plug the cable into your Mac and the phone. Android File Transfer should open and may complain that it cannot access the device. On the device, swipe down from the top left. You should see a notice saying 'USB for charging'. You may have to close this and open it again to check it's worked. When I did this Android File Transfer worked as expected: I clicked the 'OK' button on the error message and it quite and reopened after a few seconds with a display of the contents.

On that link are three methods. The third is Android File Transfer. I did a clean install of File Transfer and followed your instructions. File Transfer can't find the Android, regardless of whether I plug the cord in before or after launching it. It gives a pop-up for "No Android device found. Please connect your Android device with a USB cable to get started.

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I appreciate your help. Sorry about the long delay in replying, but I suspect there is a major difference in your time zone and India's. Now I have downloaded WhatsApp for Mac and am trying that next, since the main objective today is to retrieve Whatsapp photos. Oct 8, What happened: Hit "send.

Oct 9, I would have thought it unlikely connecting to a Mac but I don't know. It's more of a puzzle why Android File Transfer isn't working. The 'swipe down' method I used was an my older tablet, running an earlier version of Android. On my Pixel C you get the same things swiping down from anywhere on the top.

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I can't check what happens when you connect a USB lead since I don't have a compatible one, but other things which on the older tablet are on the left have been rolled into this, so you ought to be able to see that something has been connected: I'm afraid I have no idea why you don't. I found a lead at the bottom of a drawer! On my Pixel C, running Androis 8. Android File Transfer opened with the same error message.

Hmmm -- it doesn't even show up under Disk Utility.

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No Windows 7 here. Really, what might be your best bet if you're interested in using the thing long term is to wait until the retail release, then download an OS dump of that and reinstall it on your pre-market version. This kind of thing is usually pretty easy especially if you have a coder or developer in the house.

Doing so may well fix this and any other hidden glitches. Watch this space for that. What kind of files are you trying to get on the tablet? DoubleTwist can handle your music and videos, and Dropbox can handle most everything else.

Android File Transfer – Could not connect to device Error on Mac

I have an Android phone, not an Android tablet, so this may not work, but I only recently discovered how to make the Mac recognize the phone: Then, the phone shows up on the Desktop, like any other external drive. Maybe your tablet has similar settings?

Wu at 9: There is an app that runs on the device, and you use a browser from the Mac to connect over your local WLAN. Thanks for the ideas, but after poking around it doesn't look like any of them will work.

When I try to connect my Galaxy device to my Mac, it is not recognized. What can I do?

I think this just isn't ready for prime time yet; I'll improvise for now, and wait for an update. I have a couple of El cheapo tablets and phones here which are a bit quirky and I generally just use a decent sized 16 - 32gb micro SD as media storage. I think this was done mostly to get rid of the super-annoying file scanner nonsense Android devices would go through every time they booted or were unmounted.

Unfortunately, only Windows has native support for MTP.

Once Google gets on the ball and updates the utility, you should be able to use it to transfer files to and from your Mac. That's terrible news - surely this will be an option. Oh, you'll still be able to use a USB cable to move files.