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Fraid the Scalextric has not updated that software in a long time and it even has issues on the latest Windows. If you can emulate Windows 7 or lower you could get it to work,. There are alternatives though, such as Ultimate racer but I have no idea how Mac-compatible they are.

RailModeller Express for Mac (Free) - RailModeller Pro

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Create trackplans for model railroads and slot cars (was RailModeller).

Posted at. If you can emulate Windows 7 or lower you could get it to work, There are alternatives though, such as Ultimate racer but I have no idea how Mac-compatible they are. Forum Rules The Scalextric Forum is intended for discussion of slot-car racing. Primarily, a place for newcomers to ask questions and seek assistance from like-minded individuals, the Scalextric Forum offers users the chance to join an active and friendly community. Discussion of other slot-car brands is allowed, however, active promotion or advertising of our competitors is not permitted. Please keep in mind that the Scalextric Forum is a publicly viewable space and you should never post personal information including email addresses.

If you choose to purchase the Pro version you will have access to the stock management feature which is always handy when designing new tracks and determining what you can do with the track you already have versus what you would need to purchase new. Once your slot car layout is complete you can print it in any scale from a single piece of paper all the way to a scale. RailModeller offer a few tutorials on the website as well as an active forum for help and support.

Available for download in the MacApp Store. RailModeller Express 5. October 22, in Software E [prMac. Our news reached very important sites and brought us a lot of traffic. I've also used other press release services and the results are hardly comparable with what we obtained using prMac. Not to mention that they are very expensive. I wanted to write a special note of appreciation to Ray for his support.

All of his responses were timely and on point.

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It was a pleasure to work with him. I'm glad I tried prMac and I know they will be our partner on the long run. OS X Apps. See Our Podcasts on iTunes!

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