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Foundation should match your skin tone exactly so you can't tell if you're wearing makeup or not.

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  • Difference between NC20 and NW20.
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I was recommended NC 30 and it ended up being to dark for my face and too yellow looking. But you can be asian and wear NW.

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  • Difference between NC20 and NW20.

Again before making your choice, ask the makeup artists to put different shades of colors on your face and you determine what shade you like the best. She's talking about your skin undertone.

Skin tone would be like fair, light, medium, dark, etc, but people also have skin undertones the color that shows through from beneath your skin -- and the colors can vary from peach, beige, pink, yellow, olive, etc, etc. Your undertone is probably yellow like many asians, including myself I'm Chinese and I wear NC It's starting to get a bit too dark for me since I rarely see the sun anymore. NC25 was tad too light but 30 fit my shade, except it was maybe slightly more yellow than I was accustomed to.

MAC Pro Longwear foundation in NW20 review, swatches

It doesn't bother me much though; I used a color corrective primer with mine anyway. The MUA that matched me gave me two options: NC40 and NW I chose NC40 because thats what I thought people with yellow skin get, and I'm yellow-skinned. Sooo I dunno. I counted about 11 different formulas in the store! If you have combination to oily skin, the non-hassle option would be to get a powder formulation while those with dry skin might want to get a liquid formulation.

The top five questions about MAC foundations – answered!

If you have dry skin and want to keep things matte, Studio Fix Sculpt Foundation P2, is a gel-type formula that dries to a powder finish. To cop the Korean dewy skin trend, get the new Studio Waterweight Foundation P2, , which is designed to work for any skin type. How does a foundation-matching happen in a MAC store? It all starts with the MAC makeup artist getting to know your skin.

They usually ask about your skin type, how much coverage you want or feel comfortable wearing, the kind of formulation you want to try, and the type of finish you prefer.

Re: Difference between NC20 and NW20

Based on your answers, the artist can recommend the product that they think will suit you best but you can also request to try any product that strikes your fancy. All three shades are swatched on your jaw line to see how they blend with the color of your bare face and that of your neck. This is very important because the two can actually have different skin tones! If your neck is much darker than your face, the artist will find a shade that lies between the two so that it blends more seamlessly.

Advice about MAC Studio Fix

To be absolutely sure that it was right for me and so I could see how it would look when worn, he applied NC37 all over my face with a stippling brush. Should my concealer be the same as my foundation shade? Ryan says that because concealers are used to cancel discolorations like dark circles and pimple marks, you have to use a concealer shade that will make the area blend better with the rest of your skin. Congrats though on your upcoming wedding!!


Check out my review http: I have about 3 bottle of nc 20 because I'm an idiot and always buy the wrong one. Thanks for sharing, I use that foundation I believe I've stuck with it bc I love it: I've never used any MAC products but the NW15 looks a lot like the shade I got from marks and spencers which was called pale rose, it's like a pinky toned foundation not like I'd found before but it's so good! Great formula too.

I love this MAC foundation too! I've been matched 3 times now and only the last one was correct. Don't get me wrong, I really really love MAC products and you can get lovely helpers, but choosing to need matching on a Saturday at about 11 is asking for a mistake isn't it?


I went in when it wasn't so busy and now I know what my colour is.. It's a bit confusing at first but later on, you'll get to find out what works for you. Chamee http: The objective of most CDL schools isn't to just prepare drivers-it's to ensure that you are an experts and that you can deal with any circumstance you may come into contact with as a CDL driver over the street of nearby conveyance.

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