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People were already wary of using these laptops for anything. Turns out teachers can turn the camera on whenever they please. A lot of people kept the school laptop open in their bedrooms. You can see the issue here, yes?

How to uninstall LanSchool Student?

It's a school of , uproar was had. Most kids just refused to do any work on these laptops.

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The rest kept the laptops at school. They claim they can't access the camera and mic but why would anybody trust them? Do the parents need to sign a form? I would say that if the parents signed a form saying it is okay which detailed what you described , then it is legal. Using the account details may be another story.

Yes but it's not about Lanschool it's that the laptop is school property even though you pay for it in full therefore it gives them the green light to do this stuff. And personally my dad read the form, as did I but he had no idea that anything like this was going on. Signing a contract doesn't automatically make the terms listed in it legal. My stepdaughter has a laptop from her middle school that uses Lanschool. Her math teacher made her english report disappear because she was working on it in math class.

Can you send me any information you collect about this via PM Log file directories, behaviour, etc so I can do some digging on her machine when she gets home. I wasn't thrilled about the RAT to begin with, but now that I know a little more about it, i'm not thrilled at all.

How to hack LanSchool system in your school or college

Her math teacher deleted her english report, because she worked on it in math class? I don't even know what to say, it's so insane. I will see what I can do I will get you a dump file by tomorrow morning within 10 hours at most :. I hope you went to the school and told the math teacher to never do that again. I would be livid.

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Unfortunately, if the laptops are considered to be school property it's probably legal. The fact that they shared someone's private information, even if they had access themselves is probably illegal in most countries. The whole story is absurd! I would make sure that every student has knowledge of the software. You could also contact anonymously the Department of Education and express your concerns. Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

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    Uninstall LanSchool Teacher

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    How to hack LanSchool system in your school or college 1. Use this method to stop that! Moreover you can use this technique to monitor what other students are doing in your class, you can block their screens… So basically, you have a tutor LanSchool now!