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X-Plane Regional:North America This is a 5 star program if you are serious about flying because the computer modeling is very close to how the real planes fly. If you just want to "yank and bank" or shoot things down, look for something else. See All Buying Options. Flight Unlimited. Flight Unlimited takes place in two airports somewhere in Vermont and somewhere in France.

Your job in this game is to successfully test and fly these airplanes without crashing and safely landing them. The graphics should improve though. The water and land just looks like big pixels. If you are doing a flight simulator with no practice and trying for the real thing, you have a radar of the commander to aid you on your quest to successfully fly and land airplanes.

You should get this game if you are big fan of planes. Flying and landing may sound boring, but just think how difficult it is to get over the mountains Available Now. Currently unavailable.

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The sealed plastic of the DVD case was meticulously cut open sufficiently enough to remove and open the clamshell case containing the dvds. If the software has been previously registered, I will return the software for a refund. What a different flight experience. Cool crash sounds for the occasional muffed landing,or hitting a mountain top while in clouds. Even with a lot of hours on its competitor I found this one a challenge to getting air born without getting a bill for a dozen taxi lights.

The scenery seemed to be more complex than X but not to many actual real landmarks. I am really pleased with this and all the add-on's available on the net. This is a great sim for those interested in flying.

Best 12222 Flight Simulator Games for PC & Mac (With Demos)

With several hours of real time flying in several aircraft I found this the closest to real I can get. In stock. My system: It ain't the latest-greatest "Duo" or "Quad" super fast hell on wheels box. In fact it's a Dell Optiplex GX, 3.

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They installed flawlessly in under 30 minutes, total. Just got through "test flying" it. I just selected "free flight", Cessna , and I selected my local small air field, which should be located just to the east of Nashville, TN. Cornelia Fort air park. Got flying, quickly located Berry International just where it should be. Went looking for Nashville's skyline - hmmm, kind of generic looking.

Oh well. I'm not picky about that type of detail anyway.

Steam Edition Breathes New Life Into Microsoft Flight Simulator X!

That said, the graphics and dynamic graphic details were none the less Bought this after purchasing a new iMac, game is incredibly realistic Has good selection of standard planes with the ability to purchase and download many different planes from the major plane manufacturers. Buyer beware though Using for elite dangerous, the feel is great. For aviation enthusiasts, FSX is a blast. Steam, not so much.

A big part of your FSX experience will be depend on your pc and gpu performance as well as your control set-up. That said, FSX can offer a fun and educational simulated flying experience.

I am a pilot and have been using MS flight software from the first edition. Download File Size: Download File Size: 1. Download File Size: 7. Download File Size: 2. Download File Size: 1 GB. Back to the Main Page of Pure Mac. American Truck Simulator takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and widely recognized landmarks around the States.


Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasks a pilot has to execute. The flight deck is only meters long, just enough to stop the aircraft. Accept the challenge, take on over thirty missions in the world's most dangerous and spectacular scenarios and join the best Top-Gun pilots. Take control, climb into the realistic 3D cockpits and fly the most famous military aircrafts, faithfully reproduced.

Exceed your limits and get the excellence in all 90 engaging challenges! The game introduces new game play elements to realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience. From the makers of the Cities in Motion franchise, the game boasts a fully realized transport system.

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It also includes the ability to mod the game to suit your play style as a fine counter balance to the layered and challenging simulation. With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits.

Test your piloting skills and handle the most critical flight conditions known to man.

Top 5 Best Free Flight Simulators

Cope with emergencies and incidents inspired by real life scenarios in a climactic adrenaline rush. Start each engine individually, navigate between the equipment dashboard panels and be ready to solve over 5, possible situations in order to reach the highest pilot ranking. The simulator includes 36 missions to accomplish, challenges to pass, cartography and worldwide navigation with over accurate airports replicas as well as real time weather conditions. Become the ultimate railroad robber baron with the drive to shape a nation, build an empire and amass a fortune.

Spanning the history of the railroads from the steam engines of the s to the bullet trains of today, Sid Meier's Railroads!