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The quick scan and deep scan options search through the storage device more effectively, including internal hard disk, removable media, and RAID hard drive.

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Moreover, the Mac data recovery software claims that it can recover lost data from hard drive that is encrypted or password protected. After the test, we find that it does sometimes. Like Recoverit Mac Data Recovery, EasyRecovery for Mac also provides the preview function of recoverable files and recovers files with the original file names.

Advantages : hundreds of supported files, data preview function, full version of software available for use in the trial version. Mac Free Any Data Recovery is able to help you reclaim a variety of files from the depths of damaged drives. It is one of the first free data recovery software that provides free trials for users - this data recovery solution is one of the few that allows users to experience the full version of the software for free.

This Mac data recovery software is easy to use and kept simple with two scanning modes: quick and deep. So if you want to recover your lost data from Mac OS X Advantages : very speedy scan, retrieve a wide range of files, preview files before Mac recovery. Improvement : recover 20 files for free only, need to upgrade to the paid version for all features. This Mac data recovery tool provides a free trial for you to scan and preview lost files due to hard drive crash or corruption, formatting, unintentional deletion, imporper operation, factory reset, macOS upgrade, and virus attack.

But actually, after our test, we think that you can directly use the option of "Advanced Data Recovery" to make sure your files will not be further damaged after repeated scan. It is an easy-to-use software that allows you to recover a wide range of files quickly.

Restore Data on Any Internal and External Storage

Like Recoverit, the well-recognized powerful data recovery software, it requires you to take 3 steps only for recovering lost data on Mac, that's choose a data loss scenario, scan and preview recoverable files and finally choose the files to recover. The simple recovery process simplifies your job in Mac data rescue and does save much time. Advantages : intuitive design, easy-to-use, powerful recovery capacity, preview before recovery.

Improvement : free version only allows files scan and preview, not compatible with other types of operating systems, have no the filtering option for scan. This Mac hard drive recovery software that allows you to search for and restore data that are lost from damaged drives and accidental deletion from the disk they are stored in. Its free version allows you to recover 2GB of data and it is able to perform quick scan, deep scan, deleted files scan, and clone recovered file.

The data rescue software for Mac can recover data backups from Time Machine, recognize the duplicate files and eliminate the recovery of duplications. Advantages : intuitive interface, offers a low entry-level pricing plan PaperByte?

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  5. Disk Drill Mac is a great Mac data recovery software that does not only provide data recovery solutions, but also data protection capabilities with its Recovery Vault feature. This will prevent accidental deletion and backup failing disks. Like most great data recovery software, it allows users to preview files to help you decide which files to recover. The same as many other Mac data recovery tools, it provides quick scan and deep scan options.

    With the quick scan, you can recover missing files on Mac in a quick way, while the deep scan technology can dive deeper your device for lost data. Also like Recoverit, it supports you recovering files from emptied Mac trash easily and quickly.

    2. Disk Drill Pro

    It works well with Mac The drawback is that only different file types are avalible for data rescue through the Mac file recovery software, including pictures, videos and documents. Improvement : free version only allows files scan and preview, difficult to navigate, scan result does not show original file names and folder paths. This free Mac data recovery software is one of the many freeware available to recover deleted data and lost files on your Mac. You will be able to apply the tools to a wide range of file formats that have been compromised by a corrupted hard disk, virus attack, system error, power failure etc.

    It can be used on non-Apple products as well. It is the free undelete Mac software, compatible with Mac OS What makes it stand out from other Mac data recovery software is the Bitlocker Recovery feature. It allows you to recover Mac data from a deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted partition. The drawback of the feature is that you have to offer the password for decrypting data.


    Advantages : high success rate, easy-to-use user interface, full version available for free trial. Improvement : slow scan speed, can only use free trial for a limited amount of time. It is one of the truly free data recovery software out there that offers data recovery capabilities of the OS X operating system. You are able to scan and recover unlimited amount of data using this tool. You can recover data from resized partitions, formatted hard drives, memory cards and iPod.

    Improvement : does not allow you to preview files, not support the newest Mac OS. PhotoRec Data Recovery is a free data recovery tool for your Mac. It is able to recover data that was lost due to a variety of reasons. It offers users 8 recovery modes for users to support you restoring Mac files lost due to deletion, formatting, lost partition, virus attack and system crash.

    Different types of data can be recovered on Mac, including photos, videos, audios and emails. The recovered data remains intact in the original condition.

    iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac 3.6

    The biggest drawback is that it is very hard for even an experienced person to use the Mac data recovery tool. Recovering Mac files with PhotoRec is a little like using the computer command line to perform the recovery process. And it is very easy to do wrong operations and cause further damage to your data. Advantages : ability to preview files before recovering data on Mac, free Mac data recovery without any limit.

    Improvement : slower than average scan and recovery speeds, not user-friendly, need professional skill. The Mac data recovery tool is one of the best software users can use to get back deleted or lost files from your Mac machines. The name of this app is very significant as it equates recovered files with a phoenix rising from the ashes! Improvement : no automated previewer, free version is for scan and preview only.

    After testing and reviewing the 10 best free Mac data reocvery software, we can conclude all the key attributes that a piece of powerful Mac data recovery software should have. After viewing the above content, we think that everyone has their own choice. You can choose your software according to your own needs. For example, if you are a professional computing expert, you can choose PhotoRec Data Recovery.

    It needs professional skills and has very complicated recovery process, but it is able to help you recover files on Mac for free. However, if you want to recover Mac data more quickly and easily, it might be not a good option. On the contract, Recoverit can help you recover lost or deleted files on Mac in 3 steps.

    It requires no professional skills in computig and technology. It also enables you to preview different types and formats of data on Mac. But this makes it impossible to recover files from the Trash after it has been emptied. I tested this with every app we cover in this review and failed with each one. If data recovering files from an emptied Mac Trash is more important to you than the speed and efficiency of your drive, you can turn TRIM off.

    How-To Geek gives a detailed tutorial here. As a security feature in recent versions of macOS, users are stopped from accessing the built-in system drive by any app. Unfortunately, it stops Mac data recovery apps from being able to do their job. This can be disabled from System Preferences, and most data recovery apps will explain this when they are first opened. Once you realize you have lost data, you need to act fast. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your data will be overwritten and lost forever. If necessary, turn off the computer until you can attempt recovery.

    Recuva for Mac - Recover Files on Mac |File Recovery App

    The first thing you should do is create a disk image of your drive. This type of backup includes all of the lost data from the original drive and is a safeguard. Many recovery apps include the ability to create disk images. If you like to play it safe and perform regular backups as you should , you may like to run data recovery software as well. Running it before you encounter data may well make it easier to get your data back.

    In addition, it will monitor the health of your hard drive, and prompt you to act before your drive dies. Then these apps are for you. Mac data recovery apps are not all the same. They vary in their usability and features offered, and may employ different recovery strategies, so often differ in the number of recoverable files they can locate. Data recovery is tricky, so some apps focus on ease of use.

    They minimize what you need to know and the number of choices you need to make to recover files. These suit most people. Other apps are a little more difficult to use but may deliver better results. Most scanning apps let you do quick and deep scans for lost files. Some apps offer a list of more specific scans that may save you time by not scanning for everything.

    Besides scanning for lost files, here are some key features we looked for:.

    Restore Data on Any Internal and External Storage

    Even recently, not all recovery apps supported it. Thankfully, most Mac recovery apps now do.