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Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions. I rearranged my setup and had to add a vga extension cable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. I can see most people here are concerned about connecting the mac to the LCD using HDMI, well thats all good if it works but the other question is.

I subsequently researched another solution, which I will share with anyone thats having problems. I think this will work for anyone, BUT, you will need to spend some time figuring it all out. I will show you how though. This application is how your going to get your mac any mac to work. Certainly this will work on any G4 Mac Mini, plus may others I expect. The other thing is this: Dell came out with the studio hybrid, a small 2 core low power CPU which can be configured with a blu-ray disk, blue-tooth accessories, This almost sounds what the upgrade to the Mac Mini wants to be, without the lousy Vista operating system, that is.

I may need to burry my head in my hands if this is the case! Bought my new MM couple of months back, very pleased with it, but if they release a new one that would be a dilemma. I had been watching the Mac Rumors site, and I really do feel that, given the complete lack of comms from Apple about the new gen MM, seems to me they are looking to discontinue it. First; Adam this is great! I clasped my hands together and let out a proper laugh as I watched your instruction work its magic. I was ripping my hair out because of the horrible static interlacing happening before me on my brand new HDTV.

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I thought I was stuck under x inevitably defeating the purpose of having an HDTV with p. Second; Now while this is great and I am at full x non-interlaced via the drip down display menu when I go to play a video in Front Row, the screen gradually becomes filled with static until the picture goes out completely and my Samsung says there is no signal. I have the original Mac mini 1.

Force RGB mode in Mac OS X to fix the picture quality of an external monitor

I wonder if there is an issue of signal quality with the cable? Or converter? When ever there is a lot of motion on the screen like a file for example it becomes horribly interlaced and the signal degrades. And forgive my ignorance I am still a bit of a novice in video hook-ups and hdtv but how can you tell if your desktop is i or p?

Is the x interlaced i? If it were signal quality would this be the fault of the cable 12ft gold-plated belkin hdmi-div or what the mini is sending out? There must be a tradeoff for quality. Anyone noticed anything? All resolution selected are screwed up. Hi — attached Mac Mini Core2 Duo 2.

High Sierra Green screen Mac Mini 2012 i7

Spent hours fiddling with system settings calibration, TV menu picture settings, etc. Any suggestions? Would the added menu step noted at the top of this thread help with this issue? Thanks to all. Great thread. Hi Jim — sorry to get you in a panic. Actually, the problem was my own incompetence. I suggest max RAM, and the latest Mini with the core2 duo processor.

Bottom line — it works fine,. The VGA specification does not have the bandwidth required for p or p. I have the same issue…now. Will report back and will try to include model numbers etc then. Great tip. Here my parameters: I hope they will be useful. In my Mac mini a reboot was not sufficient to apply settings. Mac Mini till TV - zatzy. How do you know if you were successful doing this. Does that other one without the letter p????? My Vizio reports that it is receiving a P signal. On the other setting, the Vizio reports a i signal.

Hi Adam. Sweet setup! The signal is i only, however when I use a vga cable it does p much better quality. The displays icon is in the menu bar but only shows the i option.

Green screen on tv | Tom's Hardware Forum

My ram is only 1gb could that account for this? All mini can play p files, right? I want to use it as a HTPC. Can you share if the 1.

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I am considering buying one just for that reason so I would like to be sure. Try increasing Number of recent options to 5, and you should get the duplicates Adam mentioned. Four hours of forums and you were here all along. Way to go! BTW It also works on iMacs…. Thanks for the info! You ARE a genius. Such a simple fix. My picture is so much better. My question for people: Thanks for your help!

Any guesses when the next refresh of the Mini line is? The trick worked for me! Anyways my main problem is that everything is really small and I use my computer from far away. Does it really matter what resolution you use and will it still remain p? I can base my theory of it being the same quality because each resolution plays the everything bigger but still looks like the same quality.

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Thank you very much. I switched on the MAC and could see the picture immediately. My MAC Mini displays a number of resolution with a little TV screen icon beside them, as if suggesting those resolutions for use with the Sony. It shows i, p, p, i and p. There are also lots of others without TV icons beside them. I swiiched therefore to p and this produces a very comfortable size of text for using the MAC.

I guess if I tried viewing HD material, there might be some difference, but how much of that material is available on the net right now anyway. In short, I would question why so many people seem so desperate to set the resolution to p.

Apple Mac Mini

I have that option out of the box but find p to be far preferable so far. Thanks for the info. Can anyone share what the lowest possible configuration is for a mac mini to use it as a full media center?

Asus PA248Q Monitor pink screen after waking up connected via HDMI to late 2014 Mac Mini

I am curious to set this up but do not like buying the new one from Apple. I spent half an hour, carefully reading this. I used them with XBMC for 3 months, quite happy with it. Alternatively you can try power-cycling the monitor by turning it off and optionally unplugging it, and then turning it back on. A workaround that does seem to prevent this problem from occuring is to enable the system's screensaver so it activates a few minutes before the screen is set to go to sleep.

Go to the Energy Saver system preferences and see when you have the display set to go to sleep do this for all available power modes and choose the shortest time. Then go to the screensaver settings and ensure that the screensaver is set to start before the display is set to go to sleep. Have a fix? Post them below or e-mail us! Mobile World Congress Complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show.