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  2. Easy Image Noise Reduction in All-In-One Mac Image Editor.
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Step 2. Step 3. Step 3 Enjoy new photo editing experience. Back to all posts. With Luminar's noise reduction module, you are able to effectively reduce the amount of noise. Related Posts.

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  • September 01 9 min. August 30 6 min. New AI tools in Luminar 4 and more Discover Luminar 4. Sent successfully! In addition to the basic reduction through Adobe Camera Raw same as in LR , I added an advanced reduction using the noise filter in the red channel, since that was where the most noise appeared. Working with Topaz enables you to use simple but effective presets. Both are features that I like a lot.

    In all the tests I performed, it consistently showed all the stars in perfect detail while removing all residual noise. During my normal editing process, I always do noise reduction in LR before making a more selective reduction through Noiseware in Photoshop. In terms of the main pros of Noiseware , I would highlight the speediness of several default modes and the great tonal and contrast recovery.

    #AskScottWyden My Preferred Noise Reduction Software

    In order to reduce noise in Luminar, I applied an intense color noise reduction since I could see that it was very effective without excessively washing out the image, and applied a slight luminance noise reduction. I was surprised at how much noise was reduced in the photo while still retaining the details of the image. The only cons I can see in the Luminar noise reduction process is a star-elimination side effect when I move into higher values of luminance noise reduction.

    Removing noise with Dfine 2 is more or less quick and simple, although there are several aspects that I do not like:.

    To remove the noise in Capture One , I moved the single-pixel reduction slider to the top right, applied a stronger color noise reduction and a small level of luminance noise reduction. However, I do like the single-pixel slider, which automatically removes all the defective pixels and generally reduces noise while retaining a lot of detail. What I certainly loved about Capture One is the color noise reduction, which completely eliminated the color bands and blotches, and provided the image with very natural color.

    Best Noise Reduction Software

    To reduce noise in Noise Ninja, following the noise reduction that I applied in the other software, I made a stronger color noise reduction and a slightly softer luminance noise reduction. What I liked the least was maybe the loss of contrast, especially when compared to the other software. To reduce the noise with Neat Image pro, I applied a considerable level of luminance noise reduction and a strong recovery of detail. What I liked the most is the variety of options it has to fine-tune the noise reduction. In DXO Photolab there are two options to reduce noise:. After comparing more images with the different noise reduction software and carefully analyzing the graphic results, these were my conclusions:.


    Just a caveat about Capture One. In Northern Lights pictures, it can change the color of the Aurora and spread this color around the edges. You can see how the green color spreads over the edges. I consistently saw this issue in all my Northern Lights images when reducing noise with Capture One. As you can see after the previous comparison, the best noise reduction software does not exist.

    Each kind of software has its own pros and cons. Choosing the best noise reduction software will depend on many factors, such as the type of photography you do, the workflow you follow, and your budget. Thank you!

    DeNoise AI – Topaz Labs

    S: If noise reduction software seems overly complicated for you, you may be interested in our article on phone applications to reduce noise on iPhone and Android. Thank you for having made available all this work of research, analysis and synthesis on a difficult subject. A thorough review — well appreciated.

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