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You can drag media files into the sticky note, and they will appear with playback controls. This includes video and audio files. You can also add PDF files to sticky notes. Run the Sticky Note app; it should be on your Launchpad. Yes No. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 6.

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El Capitan has disabled the Dashboard by default. You can re-enable it in the "Mission Control" section of the System Preferences menu. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 1.

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Hold the Option key and click the "Go" menu in Finder. Select "Library" from the menu. Copy "StickiesDatabase" to create a backup of your sticky notes. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 0.

Unanswered Questions. I would like to be able to save notes in a folder for quick reference rather than having them take up space on the desktop.

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Deleted Items are automatically removed after 30 days. Keep It can search the content of most files, and can recognize text in scanned PDFs and images. While searching, suggestions appear as you type, allowing you to narrow down results to exactly what you need. Save searches for later reuse. Choose a tag to see all the tagged items and any other relevant tags; choose another tag to drill down further.

Keep It stores everything you add as files, folders and tags in the Finder that mirror what you see in the app, rather than stuff everything into a database. You can even save new files to these folders to automatically add them. This approach lets Keep It work with the system and all your existing apps, files can be searched with Spotlight, backed up with Time Machine, and opened in any suitable app for editing.

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Tasks in Keep It can be automated with AppleScript. Keep It is the successor to Together, and will import your Together libraries. While many things will be familiar, Keep It offers some great new ideas and improvements, including:. See Keep It for Together Users for more. Together 3 users can get a half-price discount when moving to Keep It, and free licenses are available for anyone who purchased Together 3 in the 6 months before Keep It was announced. Reinvented Software. Apps News Support. Mac iPad and iPhone. Keep It Write notes, keep things, and find them again.

Post a reply. In some cases for older hardware, that may mean new hardware purchases. Also, due to the new security model, there are additional impacts where on first use under Catalina, more or less every software you use will request permissions to do things that they've been happily doing on your system for years, like accessing the file system and so on. This will be initially quite annoying, and you'll need to factor that hidden cost in. There are also the usual bugs and issues with a new OS release. One impact is that as iTunes has been deprecated in favour of the new "Music" app, it's broken iTunes integration with apps that can look inside iTunes libraries - so things like DJ apps that can use your iTunes libraries for source material have problems.

Once you're happy with the new system, then you can commit to it at a later date. In summary - Catalina is a bit of a pain point at this time on the sort of systems most of us are using, and there aren't that many imo compelling reasons to upgrade. Give it a good 6 months or more for things to settle down, and for you to assess the impact of upgrading on your system, before thinking about it.

What's a Stickie and why would I use it?

For the small few who like a gung-ho bleeding-edge approach and just want to go for it and see what happens - good luck, and let us know how it went! I think Desmond's advice is spot on: don't upgrade yet. Wait until all the manufacturers have caught up with suitable updates for the bit code. If you want me I'll be down on Sound on Sound on Sound. Nevertheless I don't upgrade 'til Waves et.