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Not working for me. It cleared my product key. I had a similar problem installing Office Mac for the first time. During the installation I was not asked for a product key, and later it would not launch, but just stopped after running the customer experience and updates sections of the installation manager. The solution was: 1: trash the OfficePID.

After that, running any application brought up the product key entry window normally. The installation manager asked for customer experience entry and updates timing one final time. Then, after closing installation manager and re-opening the application it worked fine, as did the others.

Thank you…thank you…and thank you again. Of course the MS support site was useless and Mactopia forums and blog sites were not working. Sure they had the pages where you could buy more crap working…. Typical Microsoft. Thank you so much for this. Worked perfectly. I downloaded the software online, and there were product keys in my confirmation email, but now I am not sure how to return to the email.

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What do I do? Thanks for the very helpful information. Thanks a bunch!

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The advice above is very effective. Adrian got it right above. Just deleting the OfficePID. I had to delete the preferences folder as well. Thanks for posting this, I followed the direction precisely and Office is now running. Very helpful and simple! Thank you again! Hey gang, I found this tip and tried it. At all. This will help in imaging… we can install on a machine to be cloned to many machines and then do this trick to enter a new code.

Much better than having to install office a number of times.

After an automatic update, my key was not recognized. Then I put the named files in the bin.

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After opening an office application I entered my key but after clicking continue it does not do anything! I have been trying for days to get this fixed. Works fine for me since then! Same problem as gins. Removed those two files just fine. It also says my day trial version has expired. I tried the manual activation with the product key and it says call cust service for the activation code. Does anyone know any other way to contact customer service to get a real person in order to get the lousy activation code? I just spoke with a microsoft tech rep, , and she was the best.

Did you have the day trial version first by any chance? There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. If you are looking for Office software for your home or business, a key card with an activation code can get you started quickly and easily. This guide can provide you with information on what programs are included and how to install them on your computer. Microsoft offers several versions of their Office suite of programs designed for everyone from the personal user to the professional.

Economical versions include Microsoft Word, while versions designed for office use include professional-grade spreadsheets and desktop publishing software. The Home and Business version of Microsoft's Office includes full versions of the following programs:. Key cards can be used to activate a copy of Office. Some will license a single user while others will activate multiple users on different computers.

Lost the Product Key for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac?

Trial versions of Office are often pre-installed. When you are prompted to enter an activation code, enter the digit code listed on the card. Different versions of Office for Business are compatible with various Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 or Windows 10, so be sure to check the specifications for the product you are considering. You may be able to use older versions of Office with a later operating system.

Windows and Office Serial Activation Keys

Some versions of Office for Business may include support for languages other than English. In many cases, you may be able to download or otherwise add support for additional languages. Some language variations these cards are available in include:. Skip to main content. Filter 2. Shop by License Category. Best Selling. Microsoft Office Home and Student for Windows 1pc. Shop now. Sponsored Listings. Make an Offer.

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