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Sublime is available for macOS It is capable of many things that Sublime Text 3 is capable of including customization, code friendliness, wrapping, editing, cross platform editing, auto complete, multiple panes and has a built-in package manager for addons. Atom is still relatively new but seems to be going down very well with Mac users so far.


This light version supports multiple languages, autocomplete, markdowns, addons, customizations and more. It also plays nicely with most code types and has its own GitHub page with a range of packages to use.

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It does many things the others in this list do but with fewer menus and distractions. It is free and while there is a bit of a learning curve, the investment is apparently well worth it. Despite that, the Java app works across OS, supports macros, languages, plugins, folding, code, word wrap, clipboard history, markers and lots more besides.

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It is free and includes access to a range of plugins and downloads that are created and maintained by a team of volunteer developers. Well, there is one way to achieve that goal.

Download NotePad for Mac - free - latest version

TextWrangler is also ideal for checking prefs, html or xml files of all types. Tincta is a very simple text editor for Mac. Excellent for taking notes or making lists, it can also be used for basic HTML coding. You can also open and edit Windows.

6 Best NotePad For Mac Alternatives

TXT files with it. It has various other useful features such as a Recents List and the ability to change fonts and text color.

Is There Notepad++ For Mac?

You can also protect notes with a password. Most people that want an alternative to NotePad on Mac want it for note taking and writing rather than programming.

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