All you want to know about iiyama monitors working with Windows 8/10

All our bespoke displays and kiosks are designed in house, where we test fit all and make any necessary changes before producing a batch build. Our knowledge of displays and touchscreens is backed up by over 25 years of combined experience. The build of our bespoke displays and kiosks is carefully monitored and supported by ISO procedures.

Touchscreen Monitors

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There are different types of touch technologies to choose from as well; Serial Resistive, Projective Capacitive and Surface Acoustic Wave. Features include scratch resistance, multi-touch and edge to edge design. This display has scratch resistance and can be VESA mounted.

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Scratch resistant with an IP54 rating. Features include key lock, IP54 rating and a cable management system. Equipped with external mounting brackets making it an ideal solution for kiosk integrators and Instore Retail. If you are looking for a larger display, there are several to choose from.

With integrated software annotation, and a 4k resolution, this infrared touchscreen even comes with a remote control. Posted on Jun 19, AM. Jun 21, AM in response to westonempire In response to westonempire.

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Jun 19, AM in response to westonempire In response to westonempire. Make sure all screen connections are connected and secure, especially the one that provides the touch-screen info back to the computer.

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TMTS-B4 touch screens will work. Quarter of the price of Mac touch screens and the Belkin hubs. It's a shame that the adverts don't make it plain that the Mac works just as well with Windows 7 as it does with OS X.

The Mac Pro handles them well without a problem. See Paramount